Below are some testimonials from parents:

“Mid-term results for my son were a nightmare and he was struggling to grasp simple mathematical concepts. Kayla from Target Tutors made such a difference and we saw the progress. My son was able to move from obtaining 38% to a remarkable 60% within 3 months. A special thanks to Kayla for her dedication and going the extra mile. She really is a patient tutor who has made my son enjoy and excel in Maths”
- Parent

“Danica has tutored my son for the last 2 years now (Grade 5 and Grade 6) for English and Maths. My son has thoroughly enjoyed the additional support  and I have seen his progress, which has grown steadily. She has also prepped him for all his exams by working through all the required study material needed. There is definite value in one-on-one tutoring and it really does pay off”

- Parent

“My daughter started extra Maths with Target Tutors in Grade 6 last year and is now continuing in Grade 7. Her marks have increased steadily and she now has a better understanding of the concepts being taught. I am regularly kept up to date with progress reports. Not only does she enjoy going every week , I can see the individualised tutoring has been far more beneficial to her without the pressure of a full class.”

- Charmaine Beyer

“Danica tutored both my daughters (Grade 4 & Grade 6) in Mathematics.  My daughters had recently moved schools and there seemed to be some gaps in what the two different schools taught.  She set them both assessment exams to see where the problem areas were and spent the next 6 months getting them up to speed.
I was immediately impressed with her positive and gentle nature which made my daughters feel at ease and willing to work for her.  I can honestly say that their marks increased dramatically during her tutorship and they have gone from strength to strength. I would definitely recommend her for any tutoring she is offering.”

- Mandi Brown

"Danica has been great, especially when it comes to the preparation for exams for my Grade 4 son. Preparation showed in the results that were achieved at the end of the year. I will continue to use her in supporting my son, through her homework tutoring as well as exam preparation."

- Gisella Vigliotta

“Giovanni loved learning with you and you were super friendly, helpful and extremely efficient with Giovanni.”

- Carla Fernandes

“My child is attending Target Tutors and over the last two months his marks have increased from 50% to 60% which is incredible. We have also noticed that his self-esteem and confidence in the Maths is so much better as a result of this. The teaching is of a high standard and the tutor is 100% committed and dedicated to making sure he reaches his goal”

- Anna Allegretti


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