How it Works

At the end of each month, detailed monthly progress reports will be sent out for each student and will address:

Learning Strategies:
We will summarise what learning strategies have been worked on, how well they have been assimilated, and how they are making a difference. Indicate if/how this focus will change over the next month.
Learning Gaps:
We will discuss which learning gaps have been addressed, how much progress has been made and which ones will be the focused on in the upcoming month.
What the student’s attitude towards school work is and if they are bringing a positive approach to the sessions? We will discuss how well the student is motivated to improve his or her marks and what the tutor has done to assist using positive reinforcement and the impact it is having on the student.
This section will focus on how well the student has been fulfilling his responsibilities which includes bringing the required materials to the session, providing the tutor with dates when school assessments take place, bringing a copy of the school’s assessment to assist in correcting conceptual errors or mistakes made, bringing classwork books to ensure the pace and level of the work matches the tuition sessions and completing the assigned homework given by the tutor.
Work Habits:
Summarise how the student has progressed in terms of good work habits which include time management, organising their work under the different sections or topics covered in the sessions and asking questions in the sessions for clarification in their understanding.
Problem Areas:
Discuss the problem areas that existed at the beginning of the month, how they have been addressed and whether they have improved or not. We will discuss what problem areas will be focussed on in the coming month.


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